Jitter problems

I am currently having some issues to get rid of some jitter behavior, primarily right at the start of movement and in some occasions at the end of movement. I uploaded a quick video here:

I am using a Recast Graph and RichAI. Via raycast at mouse point the destination is determined and the agent is then moved via “RichAI.destination”. When “RichAI.reachDestination” is true then the component is disabled entirely via “RichAI.enabled = false” which is set to true again as soon as the player clicks somewhere.

I tried other options to stop the agent but this always caused either infinite jitter at the destination (regardless of the reachDestination value) or when using “CanMove = false” there was no jitter but still velocity and thus the animation continued on the spot.

Since I am developing a RPG with turn-based combat, disabling the RichAI component entirely is not gonna cause any problem for me as far as I can see. Unfortunately though, I don’t seem to find a solution for the remaining jitter issues shown in the video.

My settings look like this at the moment:

Any help here would be much appreciated.