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Issues with recast on large objects and agents ignoring collisions

Im having quite a bit of issues with my rich AI not following the navmesh up a ramp or falling through it if its close enough to these patches of “walkable areas” that are still generated inside of large objects.

pretty weird, sometimes it will work sometimes it wont, tried it on the asset store version and the latest version off the website, same problems.

Image above shows one agent that made it up halfway before falling through while his fellow agents just ignored the ramp alltogether

For context the player is set as the target in the AI Destination Setter component and is walking around on the ramp while watching his poor friends fall through (most of the times).


One thing you might want to double check is the height of your agents as set on the RichAI script. Make sure that it is reasonable for an agent of that size. Assuming you are not using a CharacterController/Rigidbody the RichAI script will use a raycast from the agent’s center down towards the ground to determine where it should be positioned.

Seems to be working now thanks! Just had them like that after following the tutorial, pretty impressed with the performance increase I already have moving from unity navmesh to this! My 1000 dudes are all chasing after me with juicy fps at the same time.

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What did you change?? I followed the tutorial. I don’t have a rigidbody or any colliders. There are some steep slopes (30 degrees) and the agents just randomly fall through them on the Grid graph.

14+ hours later… still can’t stop agents from randomly falling through the navmesh/terrain… i’m about to throw in the towel and go back to unity navmesh. i’ve tweaked every knob possible and went through two different tutorials (again). The only time i don’t get agents falling through is when using rigidbodies, but they’re slow… slower than unity navmesh so i’m going to go back to that :frowning:

@Ph0t0n. I will answer in your original thread.

If you have gizmos enabled the yellow cylinder represents the height of the agent in script and mine were really short, changing them to the same height of the cylinder fixed it for me

This was also like a year ago so I don’t remember everything, however haven’t had any unfixable issues since!

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