Issues AIPath with Behavior Designer

Hi Aron,
I’m using A* 4.2.3 and BE 1.6.1, like to seek your advice regarding 2 incidents I have with regards to movement and target seeking (my project is a 2D top down game)
Basically i have a seeker object and a target object, i set using BE for the seeker to see the object within a distance, if not it should wander around
issue1) while the seeker is wandering around, BE will set for it a waypoint and it will try to move there. sometimes when the waypoint has an obstacle (collider) that the seeker cannot pass through, although the path is showing okay, the seeker will tend to stop when it touches the obstacle and not able to walk round the obstacle. I run the test a few times and this behavior is quite consistent.

Issue2) when I start the scene, the seeker will not be able to “see” or detect its target, until when i move the target position during runtime, will then the seeker be able to “see” and set its destination as the target (for the seek part of the behavior). Can you advice me if this probably has some relation with A* settings?

Thank you, and Happy New Year!