Issue with tiled RecastGraph & NavMeshCut

Hi there,

I’m new to this pathfinding project but I’ve had a search and can’t quite work some things out (which I’m sure you guys could answer in seconds).

The first is that I have a 1500x1500 game world/terrain and have created a tiled RecastGraph. The first issue is that once I have generated it, I get random spikes in the visible navigation mesh such as the picture below. Do I even need to worry about this? Will be NPC’s start walking upwards into the air when they hit that tile? How do I fix it? or should I just leave it?

I’ve tried changing the tile size and cell size/height and it seems to yield the same results when I have values that will work for my game.

The second issue is that I need to create a cut into the tiles once a dynamic obstacle has been placed there (such as the player builds a wall). I have tried adding the NavMeshCut script to the object but the tile is still visible in the editor and appears as though the unit can walk through it? What is the easiest and best way that I can achieve a dynamic obstacle cutting into the tiled RecastGraph mesh? Is it even possible?

Here are my settings for the pathfinder…

Thanks for your help in this, it’s currently holding back my game :slight_smile:


Those spikes look very weird, they should not be there.
Are you sure there is no hidden meshes or anything which could be causing them?

For the navmesh cuts to work, you also need to have a single TileHandlerHelper script somewhere in the scene, that will make sure the tiles are updated when necessary.

Thanks Aron,

I’ve now got both working, I think the issue was to do with the Walkable Height property (just in case anyone else is having the same issue).