Issue with normal when drawing in 2D

I’m having an issue in ALINE when trying to draw in 2D. In my case, some of the draw calls appear in 2D (for rotations of 0 or 180 degrees). Any other rotations appear with normals of Vector3.up.
I’ve recorded a quick video here: link

Is there any way to force a normal for a given draw call?


Some draw commands have a normal parameter (e.g. Draw.Arrow).
ArrowheadArc, which you seem to be using, doesn’t have that at the moment.
However, in the next version, I have changed how 2D drawing works to make it more ergonomic. Then you’ll be able to use Draw.xy.ArrowheadArc and it will work as expected.
For now, what you could do is to use a Draw.WithMatrix scope to rotate everything. But it’s definitely not as ergonomic.

Thanks for the quick response. I have gone with Draw.WithMatrix for now. It’s not a substantial problem as I only really need to do it in this one instance, but I’m looking forward to the improvements to 2D. Can’t really go without this asset anymore, as it is just an incredible improvement to workflow.

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Thank you for the kind words! :heart:

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