Issue with DeserializeGraphsAdditive

Hello there, so I have searched the forums and have found a few similar issues to mine but no solutions that worked for me.
So I have the first two graphs (index 0, and 1) which are loaded always with DeserializeGraphs(). So they are always in the correct index. Now when using DeserializeGraphsAdditive(), the next one is loaded at index 2 (which is correct), and when unloading it, that array element is set to null, then when reloading it later it is now placed at index 3, 4 and so one for every unload and load again. Even though index 2 is still null, also if I use the editor to add a new graph at runtime, then it gets placed at that null array index (2).
So my question is how can load a graph at the correct array index. My assumption was that it would be loaded in the first null array element. or should I clear the array with ClearGraphs and then reload everything again?

Thanks! That was indeed a bug. I’ll include a fix in the next update.

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Awesome, will wait for it then. Thanks!