IsPathPossible returning true despite nodes being in different areas

In the below picture the black line represents the start and end node being checked to see if the path is possible which is returning true even though its represented as different areas when scanning the graph for areas. I was just wondering why this keeps happening of if area is checking something completely different as when I was debugging it, it said both nodes were in the same area when the visual depicts there not, the nodes are both walkable as well.


The gizmos are colored according to the node.Area field. Could you try logging it to see if they are different? Also double check that you are actually checking the expected nodes.

Thanks for replying, in the below pictures is what is being logged from the previous example. Which is saying that there both the same area, I also checked to make sure its checking the expected nodes and it looks fine.

Do you by any chance have multiple graphs in the scene?
Also. You probably want to cache that GetCharactersNode call. I guess you know that it couldn’t return different nodes every time you call it with the same arguments, but better make sure.

No just the one graph, but yeah I do it was just a quicker at the time

When do you call this?
Do you do any updates to the graph that could be relevant?

Try running

Debug.DrawLine((Vector3)node1.position, (Vector3)node2.position,, 10);

just to make sure you are testing the right nodes.

yeah sorry I had something that was changing the node destination distance to right next to the start node after the first test Thanks quick question as well if i get a path error from a path how would I go about abandoning that path when it happens.