IsPathPossible but using neighbouring cell

I’m trying to use IsPathPossible, but I want it to return true if we can walk next to the neighbours.

I have this code:

public bool CanReach(Vector2 position) {
        GraphNode from =;
        GraphNode to =;

        if (PathUtilities.IsPathPossible(from, to)) {
            return true;
        bool anyNeighbourWalkable = false;
        // check if any of the neighbours of "to" can be reached from "from"
        to.GetConnections((graphNode) => {
            if (PathUtilities.IsPathPossible(from, graphNode)) {
                anyNeighbourWalkable = true;

        return anyNeighbourWalkable;

But for some reason, it always returns false in the picture below.