Isometric (2.5d Game) and collision Detection


I have Purchased the Pro version of this software as I needed the local avoidance feature. It works and thats all fine. However. Looking at your 2d RVO sample scene helps me very little as there are no colliders on anything in your scene which means no raycasting can be done and thus nothing really interesting can be done with the objects besides moving them. I need colliders in order to detect projectiles that may intersect with the objects that move around in my scene.

So far attaching colliders to anything in the game after starting to use this package has been a painful experience.

I am wondering if you have suggestions as to how to make gameobject that are using this pathfinding detect intersections with projectiles.


I would also like to add that the documentation is really lacking when it comes to 2D. it almost as if the entire package assumes 3D for everything. a good example is your tutorial on a custom script which ends up using .simplemove ( as movement which is used for 3d Movement and as such requires workarounds if you want to use it for 2D.

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From your lips to God’s ears!

2D needs way more attention, real grid movement with improved avoidance instead of pushing (when moving groups) and more then 2 example scenes. bought it for 2D and still disappointed cause it lacks default mechanics / old school movement (like in c&c, dune2, syndicate).


True, the local avoidance documentation should probably include what to think about when adding 2D colliders and using local avoidance.
Everything works perfectly well by just adding a rigidbody2D component and for example a circle collider to all agents (I just tested this in the RVO 2D example scene). However one thing that one should do is to disable collision between all the agents if you are also using local avoidance, because otherwise the collision system will also try to prevent collisions and the local avoidance quality may suffer slightly from that.

I will make sure this is added to the tutorial.

Are there any other issues you have had with adding colliders to objects?

For clamping the agents to stay on the navmesh while also using local avoidance you can add a RVONavmesh component to the scene. That will make sure that the local avoidance system knows about the borders of the grid.
This is probably also something I should mention more prominently in the tutorials.

I have done some updates to the documentation now both for the custom movement script tutorial and the local avoidance documentation.
The AIPath script now also has an option to constrain it to the graph (long overdue, I have been planning to add that for some time, but there is a lot of stuff on my todo list, with local avoidance you have previously been able to use the RVONavmesh component for it, but it is not always ideal). The local avoidance page discusses this option and an alternative way to do it.
I also added the note about collisions to the local avoidance page.

I have uploaded a new beta with all these changes. You can download it here:
and you can find the updated docs here