Is this the right pathfinding solution for us? Need a quick answer

Hello, I’ve been testing the free version and it was working great with a grid graph on a test terrain. Since then I scaled up to our new, full size terrain and found that the grid graph will not work. The full size terrain is 8x4 terrains, each sized at 2000x2000 units. So 16000x8000 units in size. The grid graph basically tells me to jump in a lake.

Anyways, I’m reading that I should possibly use recast. I’m fine with whatever will work however, this is not in the free version. Are there any examples to show\prove to me that this will work for my situation without me having to pay up? Or should I be looking for something else? Thanks! Nate

Will this work and be supported? Or not?


It is likely that recast graphs will work. It is hard to say since I don’t know the specifics of your game but I have heard other users using it with similar terrain sizes.
However I would recommend that you move your world so that the center of it is at the origin because using large world coordinates might result in floating point errors.

Ok thanks. I will likely buy it this week.

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and I did buy it. :slight_smile:

It seems to work great. I do have a question but I’m firing up a new thread. Thanks.

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