Is there any way to use custom collision detection function?

Hi, I recently bought A* Pathfinding Project Pro.
And I found that the asset uses Unity’s standard collision detection and raycasting internally.
But my game doesn’t use Unity’s but uses my own functions.
(Because my game looks like 2D, but internally it simulates 3D. so I had to re-create coordinate system, and all related others.)

So this is my question, Is there any way to use my functions on A* Pathfinding Project Pro?
If yes, what source codes should I modify?


You could modify the Base.cs -> Collision class if you want. That handles all the collision code for the grid graph.

Alternatively if you use the beta version you could write your own grid graph rule. Take a look at this tutorial:

I used the beta version and It works!
I made my own grid graph rule.

Your asset is amazing!

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