Is there a way to use Jobs and Burst to paint multiple Polylines?

Hi, I want to draw an array of polylines using jobs and burst. Is there a way to iterate throught it with Jobs?


Sure. You can just use a normal loop.
Is there anything in particular that is not working?

Yes, it works. But I was wondering if there is a way to make the loop faster inside the IJob, not outside, as you do in your Burst example.

Sure, just put the loop inside the job.

Yes, but the polyline point information is stored outside. It doesnt allow me to use a NativeArray<NativeArray< float3>> inside the job to loop each polyline. Is there another way to do it?


There are various ways to get the information into a bursted function. You could use one array with all your polylines concatenated, and another with the number of vertices in each polyline for example. Regardless, this is more of a general burst question, not specific to the ALINE package.

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OK thank you for your time. I will look into it :slight_smile: