Is there a way to force the seeker to traverse certain areas?

For example I have a Recast Graph on a grid of streets and I want the object to get from point a to point b, but I want to make sure it traverses specific streets. The required streets aren’t necessarily connected to each other, so the object would need to pathfind from one to the other.
Traversing any part of the street would satisfy the requirement - but not if it only traverses an intersection for that street.

I thought using tags and penalties would be the way to go, but the 32 tag limit would be a problem.

There’s is also a requirement for the object to only pathfind forward and not make an immediate 180 turn. I’m doing a quick NavMeshCut behind the object, that’s seems to work pretty well.

I would only need to generate new paths once every few seconds, so I’m not too worried about performance.


This sounds very much like the travelling salesman problem in disguise. I’m afraid that is not solvable by this package.

Ah ok I was hoping it didn’t qualify as TSP because the destinations have a set order.
Any insight on how I might go about tackling this?

Ah, well you didn’t mention that.

In that case, it’s not TSP, but it is DP. Those constraints are also not solvable by this package, I’m afraid (even though they are in theory a lot simpler). You’d have to use your own pathfinding solution.