Is there a maximum path length?


I am having a weird issue where I cannot find a valid path after a certain point. If I create a point in my game and try path to that previously unavailable node, it works.

Any ideas why this may be the case?


There is no max path length.

I’m not quite sure what your video shows, could you elaborate?

Sorry, that video isnt too clear. If you look at the cursor, when it is on the right, it has a small X under it. This means it cannot find a valid path to that location. When I create the first path node on the left, it can then find a path to the original location that was previously unattainable. This doesnt make sense to me as to why this is the case.

Do you think you could post a screenshot of the graph? (both settings and how it looks in the scene view)

@aron_granberg Green dot we can get to fine. Red dot we cant. However, if we go to the green dot first, it works fine


I forgot to mention, the path starts at the top left, where the people are standing.

Do you think you could post a screenshot with A* Inspector -> Settings -> Graph Coloring = Areas.

@aron_granberg not sure if this is clear enough. Im struggling to get a clear picture with the size limit. I can host it on imgur if thats better?

Hmm… That looks alright. Based on that I cannot see why a path request would fail at all.
What error message does it give you when it fails?