Is there a local avoidance solution that is safe now with your latest release?

Hi Aron,

I’m currently working on porting my game from Unity 4.x over to the new beta version of Unity 5.0 (as an owner of the pro version), and so I have need to re-download the latest version of your pathfinding package.

I was wondering if your latest version has a version of local avoidance that can be sold commercially now? I thought I saw a comment where it said you re-instated the local avoidance, but it might have been an old comment, so I wanted to hear it from you. If it’s still the RVO version that there is no license for yet, no problem, but I just wanted to find out.

I don’t really “NEED” local avoidance in my game right now, but it would be a huge bonus. So is it “legal” now to use the local avoidance with your current version in a commercially sold game?

Thank you.



Yes, the new local avoidance is free of licensing issues.
The algorithms are not as good as the previous ones (since I could obviously not use the same algorithms in the new implementation), but they work well enough imo.


That’s great to hear. Thanks Aron! Keep up the good work.