Is there a built in way for a RVO controller to shove other RVO controllers out of its way?

I have some enemy boxes trying to gang up on a bigger friendly box. Local avoidance works great until they bunch up on each other. Often times, a couple enemies won’t leave space around them to allow another enemy in.

Is there a way for the newest enemy to the party to shove the others to the side? Correct me if I’m wrong, but the only way for the RVO controllers to behave with one another is if they are all still moving, and this is not the case here.

The rigidbodies are kinematic in the GIF so only RVO is causing the jitter.

I tried a cheap and easy fix by calling RVO every frame even if my units were AtTarget or Idle so that they can always move out of the way of each other:

            rvoController.SetTarget(transform.position, 1.5f, 1.5f);
            var delta = rvoController.CalculateMovementDelta(transform.position, Time.deltaTime);
            transform.position = transform.position + delta;

This is the result:

Notice that it actually does what I need, but they jitter weirdly. Is there any way to reduce the jitter with this solution or am I out of luck?