Is the pathfinder still being updated? (5.5 for example)

Hi everyone !

I would like to know if the pathfinder is still updated? I’m searching a great pathfinder and seems this one is the one i need. But i’m working on unity 5.5 and i couldn’t find somewhere if it works on 5.5 version. Is the author still working on the it ? I don’t want to spend 100$ for something that is going to be outdated in 1 year.

Thanks a lot guys!


It is still being updated.
You can take a look at the changelog here: which says that 3.8.7 fixed a few compatibility bugs with Unity 5.5. As far as I know it should work perfectly fine with the latest version.
If you want to evaluate it you can always download the free version first.

couldn’t expected more!

I already tested the free version some month ago, and i need a pathfinder for a RTS game. Can’t find a pathfinder with such awesome features like “Navmesh cutting” , but i needed to be sure if it was still updated frequently to buy the pro version.

Thanks for this fast answer!

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