Is the beta version is stable enough for production?

Is the latest version: Beta version 4.3.82
Will be used in unity 2022.3.6
Stable for production? in terms of performance and memory leaks

  • I need a feature of solid objects that is only in the beta version
  • Most of the calculations will be run on Linux remote server


In terms of performance it is in most areas significantly better than the non-beta. My aim for it is that it should be stable enough for production.
There have been some recent memory leaks reported that I have not been able to replicate. However, I think that they would in any case only result in a constant small memory overhead in the worst case, not a continually growing memory leak. Any such memory leak that is discovered (and can be replicated) will be fixed as soon as possible.

Okay thank you, will try the beta version soon, and will let you know if I encounter any issues