Is ProceduralGridMover with updatable Tags/penalty possible?

Im using ProceduralGridMover(2D) to move in huge, yet detail map. It work perfectly fine, but when I tried to add penalty to center AI in corridors (using this topic as base), I find out that is don’t update tags. I read the documentation and find out that it simply does not support this feature. I can understand this may cause optimization problems, but is that a way to integrate updatable tags in ProceduralGridMover?

Grid Graph Settings > Collision Testing won’t work for me because it makes impossible to bypass through small gates/corridors. Tags/penalty system itself works perfectly while I “scan grid” manually through editor.


In the current version this is not possible. In the beta this is still not possible, but I am planning on implementing it as with the new architecture it should be really easy.
Essentially I just have to implement support for erosion tags in the first place and then it should just work in the beta.