Is my grid not connected on this slope?

Is my graph not connected on slopes?
I’m using a grid graph, and when I get to a slope, it looks like this:

I thought that was just how it showed slopes, but my AI doesn’t want to path off of a platform; I think it is stuck because it doesn’t think it has a connection to the lower platform.

How do I fix this?
Is there any way to force a connection between the node at the top of the slope to the node at the bottom? I know I could do that with the graph type where I make individual nodes like a classic UT map, but that’s a lot of work to convert my whole graph to that; I want to keep using this grid graph.


You can increase the max step height setting on the grid graph.
If you use the beta version there is improved support for this use case via the “Account for slopes option”. See GridGraph - A* Pathfinding Project

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