Is makeing a Node to Node Path possible? [Solved]

is it possible to generate a path with node start and end points instead of using vector3?


That is currently not possible directly. However setting the target to that node’s position should be enough unless you have multiple nodes in the same location.

is it a possible future feature?

What you’re looking for is just a cast away:

ABPath.Construct((Vector3) startNode.position, (Vector3) endNode.position);

node.position is an Int3 which stores three “decimals” of precision. When casting to a Vector3, the x, y, and z values are multiplied by Int3.PrecisionFactor to restore the decimal places.

I’m not sure what will happen if you have multiple nodes at the same location, like Aron says. The start and end locations will still be in the right place, but it may use the wrong graph, with the path.startNode and path.endNode values being from whatever graph it used (probably the first/top graph in the Inspector list?)

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