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Is it possible to have seekers find paths across triangles connected by only one vertex?

Hi! The answer to this may be a simple no, but thought I’d ask anyway.

I’ve auto-generated a navmesh myself for a small world using an icosphere. The program checks each triangle for obstructions and inclination, removes them if they’re obstructed or too steep, and then Pathfinder generates a graph from the remaining triangles.

I’m having a slight issue where I’d like my guy to be able to walk between triangles connected by only one vertex with no adjacent triangles between. I can’t see any clear way to allow this in the Pathfinder or Seeker settings, but is it possible? The only solution I can think of right now would be using a point graph to connect these triangles, but before I look into that that, I was wondering if there’s a simpler way?

Many thanks for any response.


Sorry for the late reply.
I’m afraid this is not possible automatically. The graph will never generate a connection between them unless they actually share an edge. You can use a script to manually modify the graph afterwards, but the movement script would probably get confused about the situation anyway. So I would not recommend it.