Is it possible to have 200 agents with local avoidance 60 FPS on mobile?


We are looking for a unity 5 plugin able to make 200 agents navigate in a 2D space avoiding statics obstacles, dynamics obstacles and others agents. This is for a mobile game so the result must be smooth (60 fps minimum). Is it possible to make this type of game with this plugin ?



That really depends on the game world. 200 units is quite a lot for a mobile game.
I think it is possible with this package, however I think that you will want to write your own movement scripts that can take advantage of the specifics of your game to get the maximum performance. The local avoidance system can handle several thousand agents on a desktop computer in crowded scenarios (the CPU cost goes up with a higher crowd density) so I think it should be possible to simulate 200 agents with it even on mobile (you might want to use the beta as that contains several large changes to the RVO system that makes it easier to configure and more robust in some cases, it also supports movement in the XY plane now (though no included movement scripts make use of that at the moment)).

Hi, is it still the case for mobiles?
I wanted to make a game similar to Crowd City
In this game, at end game, player sometimes has 500+ agents following him.

How can i achieve this using your plugin. I am using the free one so let me know if its possible with pro if not free.


I have answered your other thread @akaaseem.