Is A* what we need for our game case? please help

Hello there,
We want to purchase this awesome asset but since our case of use is a bit special we would like to be sure before purchasing it. I hope the developer or any of you can help us.

We have a 3d map created in runtime, the map is composed by 2 type of tiles, sea or earth, on earth we can build streets. (typical city tycoon)

-We would like to use A* first for:

  1. The ship’s AI, so they can find their way through the water to the harbor and opposite.
  2. On earth, and on street tiles, we would like to have ‘certain’ cars that are able to navigate
    through the streets to a certain point, avoiding other cars, which I guess we would define as obstacles.

Our concerns are this is a game for mobile, so we don’t know how lightweight is this, and also the navigation mesh calculation in runtime, we dont know also how expensive might be, or if it is possible.
Another question that watching the videos comes to my mind is, is it not possible to tell the Agent just to go through a layer? instead of using obstacles?

I mean, I could use the coast models as obstacles for the ships but wouldn’t be better to tell the ships they can just go through the water layer? is this possible?

Thanks a lot for your help.


The dev is currently not away, so you might want to stick around for him to reply.

You can have multiple graphs active at the same time. So there is no issue having a separate graph for water and land. And exclude graphs per agent. So you’re both will never search for land sort of speak.

Adding other agents as obstacles doesn’t sound like the best strategy, the pro version supports RVO, which might yield better results.

The package does support procedural graph scanning.

I personally think that this package covers all your requirements. There is a free version available from the site. I’d recommend trying out the basics in the free version.

Hope that helps.

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Sorry for the late answer. I am currently traveling and I lost my laptop on a flight, so I haven’t been able to work for a while.

Extending on what @ToastyStoemp said. Avoiding other cars is the trickiest bit. I don’t know in what way your game needs to do that, but traffic typically requires very specific avoidance (to handle traffic rules and similar). This is not something that is supported by this package out of the box.