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Invisible Navmesh Graph/ Navmesh Graph Behaving Strangely

I’ve just converted my Recast Navmesh into a Navmesh Obj which I’m now using with the Navmesh Graph. It’s been into Blender and has had portions of the Mesh removed.

When I reimport it and line it up in the Scene the Agent no longer makes paths to the destination point, as they did with the Recast Graph, where AIPath is selecting.

Also, when I drag the Agent around it Constrains in most places and doesn’t snap back when I take it off either end. I can drag it infinitely off the Graph in a couple of places.

It’s almost like there’s an invisible version of the Mesh that isn’t correctly setup which the agent is actually on.

Has anyone experienced something similar?



One thing that I would recommend is to turn off navmesh tiles when building the original recast graph. Triangles might always line up perfectly between tiles, and if the mesh is exported and then imported as a navmesh graph it is possible that the navmesh graph doesn’t detect some connections between the tiles (the navmesh graph has no idea that the mesh was originally tiled, it just sees a single mesh).

It doesn’t sound like this is the full issue. Something else definitely seems off. But I think this is a good start to try to reduce the problem.