Integrating Custom Obstacles into the Navmesh

I’m looking for an approach for pathing along the navmesh and encountering custom obstacles, say, ladders, drop downs, doors they have to ‘break down’ (i.e., fulfill some requirement/perform some custom logic or behaviour before being allowed through), etc.

The issue is I’m not sure how to integrate a “custom obstacle” into the navmesh that they can encounter via the same system that goes through all the nodes. Currently I’ve just been linecasting between nodes looking for a custom trigger and breaking into the custom behaviour code (instead of say, trying to walk through a door, they’ll crowd around it and start to deal damage).

However I can’t help but wonder if there’s a way to interface/integrate directly with the nodes / navmesh instead of, sort of, praying they’ll “bump” into the trigger via linecast.

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