InScreenSpace + Cinemachine camera

Hi, wanted to draw some rects in screen space, but came across a problem: if I use Cinemachine the drawings are joggling, when I disable CinemachineBrain - works fine. Tried to move the drawing code to LateUpdate and also give the lowest priority for the drawing script (to draw after all Cinemachine calculations), helped a little, but the problem remains. Any suggestions?

Regarding the camera: camera is always in motion because it’s connected to a ship which sways on waves.


Hmm, I did something I’m not sure what exactly, but now it works properly. Weird, but ok.

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Hmm. Weird. Let me know if you figure out what the relevant setting was.

Moving script to the bottom of Execution Order List AND moving the drawing code to LateUpdate actually solves the problem.

Ah. Cinemachine probably also does the camera movement in LateUpdate. So you had to change the execution order as well, to actually draw after cinemachine moved the camera.