Initial Navmesh Cut is really slow

After looking around the forum I found this issue
Navmesh Cut Performance - General / Recast graph - Support Forum (
From what I understand the first time any navmesh cut happens there is a performance hit. This is something I also noticed in my game. The problem is that it is really noticeable, like a small stutter. Is it possible to avoid it? Will for example running a random cut at the start of the level(maybe hidden by a loading screen) cause the code to be compiled and the gameplay be smooth after?

That’d certainly alleviate some, if not most, of it.

It seems to have removed the issue. I notice the same thing happening to other processes. For example refresh Off-mesh links is also slow the first time it is being executed. I guess I will keep this in mind and in cases where it becomes too slow, I will run some dummy methods to force JIT to run. Thanks a lot!