Influence maps for Fog of war and others

Its possible with Pathfinder ? For checking units and create Fog of war ?


Here is a similar topic that might help you find what you need: Pathfinding and fog of war

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In addition to what @ToastyStoemp said, in the current beta you can alternatively create custom grid graph rule. See
It’s a bit more boilerplate, but it integrates more nicely with the rest of the system and it allows you to use Burst if you want.

I need rule like “from down to up cant walk but from up to down ok”. Its possible ?

Not with the out of the box connections.

You could easily add this though. But you’d have to make internal changes to the Connection Class and the generator associated associated with your chosen graph type.

The gridrules Aron linked in his previous post would make this much easier to implement ( and upgrade in the future)

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