Imported graph doesn't work properly

My game is using external map files where all terrain/tile …etc data is saved including the navmesh.

The map and navmesh appears to load correctly, I see the same graph as it was after scanning in the map editor.
The units can actually move around most of the time, but sometimes there is an error: “Error finding path: Couldn’t find a close node to the end point” ,sometimes the error is for the start point, and the unit can’t move at all after that.
This also always happens when I order the unit to go to the top corner, there is a problem with the end point there.

If I then press Scan from the inspector, the resulting graph looks identical, but the problems go away.
So it has to be the imported graph right?
This is my code:
public static byte[] SerializeGraphs(out uint checksum)
Pathfinding.Serialization.SerializeSettings settings = Pathfinding.Serialization.SerializeSettings.Settings;
settings.editorSettings = false;
settings.nodes = true;
byte[] bytes =, out checksum);
return bytes;

public static void DeserializeGraphs(byte[] bytes)


Am I doing it wrong? Is there some method I should call after deserialization?


That deserialization code does look correct. Which version of the A* Pathfinding Project are you using?

I will try upgrading to the latest ( and see if it still happens.

Upgraded, seems to work fine now.
Sorry, my bad.