Ignore NavmeshCut After ClearTile


Currently, I am using TileBuilder to schedule a job to build TileMeshes. After that I call RecastGraph.ReplaceTiles to bake specific tiles around player. After player move away, then I will call RecastGraph.navmeshUpdateData.handler.ClearTile to clear the tiles out of player area. This is a multiplayer game. So I don’t want different player bakes the same tile when they are close enough. The reason I do this way and not use ProceduralGraphMover is because I am using MapMagic to procedure generate the map around the player and I need to make sure the MapMagic tile is generated then bake the TileMesh. This way is working until I use NavmeshCut. When the player moves away and clear the tile at the same time the NavmeshCut will call OnDisable then ReloadTile. This cause the tile not able to clear. Can I make the NavmeshCut only works when I bake TileMeshes?




Maybe a better way would be to resize the recast graph so that this tile no longer exist? That’s what the ProceduralGraphMover does.
You can use recastGraph.Resize to discard tiles.