I need help with mobile 2D optimization!

We are making a mobile 2D survival genre game.
Hundreds of monsters appear,
Monsters do not overlap with each other.

Although there are currently graphical draw calls and other issues as well.

As a result of checking Unity’s profiler, A* Pathfinding is also
It seems like a very big part.

When viewing profiler screenshots (measured using a mobile device, not the editor)
We cannot determine whether this is a normal number or not.
Can we optimize further?
The frame drops are so severe.

It’s a game like this!


While looking for optimization, I would like to enable multi-threading function.
Are there any precautions at this time based on the mobile platform?
Since each mobile device is different, select the Automatic High Load option.
I want to use it. Is it okay?


It looks like you are using deep profiling. This will significantly skew results. I’d recommend that you measure the overhead without deep profiling to verify which parts are slow.

That should be fine. It will select a high number of threads, but it will limit it to the number of cores on the device minus 1.