I can't find the reason my wire spheres draw twice

I’ve recently purchased the addon and I quite like the straightforward and easy to use API. However, I seem to be misunderstanding something about drawing ingame gizmos. At editor time, everything’s fine. When testing in editor, however, everything is drawn twice.

I’ve already gone through my camera stack and reducing it to one camera yields the same result. So that’s probably not the culprit. Could it be something to do with my matrix multiplication? :thinking:

Okay, nevermind. When I ACTUALLY reduce the camera stack to only render its Base camera, it renders correctly only once (example screenshot shows a different gizmo setup that had the same render issue).

The question then is: How do I stop ALINE gizmos from rendering for Overlay cameras in the stack?

Hm. Even setting the cameraTargets to a single cam manually does not change the outcome in play mode. :thinking:


Which version of the package are you using?

1.7.1 which should be the current version. :slight_smile: