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How would this handle massive quantities of AI?

I’m thinking about getting this tool because it looks very nice. However, what I don’t see in the demo videos is how well this works with large quantities of AI characters navigating a crowd.

I would want to use this so I can achieve some simple navigation for my enemies, but I’d have a large crowd/swarm of enemies in a scene, trying to get close to the player. How well would this run on a system when I have two or three dozen characters trying to find a navigation path all at once? How well would it work when they are trying to all navigate through each other to get to the player?


Have you checked out the video on this page: Local Avoidance - A* Pathfinding Project

In the beta version the local avoidance should be able to handle thousands of agents just fine (pathfinding probably less than that, but two or three dozen agents would be no problem performance wise).
With this said, the way crowds are handled in this package might not match what you want in your game, it’s hard to say.