How well would the Pro version work with my procedural dungeon? (Answer: Very Well!)

I’m developing a procedurally generated dungeon with doors, multiple levels, and some tight spaces. Good comparison would be Metroid Prime, but AI can pass through doors.

Currently, the free version’s grid graph is insufficient, and has trouble connecting doorways (just the door frames in place right now), moving up slopes, and of course handling multiple levels like a catwalk over a floor, or one room above another. Walls can be another issue if they’re above floors.

I understand that the Pro version handles several of these issues, but I want to be sure before buying.

(Update: 7/11/15)
After sleeping on it, I finally decided to take the plunge and buy the Pro version. After a few hours of testing it out, I can say it was definitely worth it. Generated my map at runtime, called the Recast Navmesh, and it worked like a charm. This probably saved me months of programming and headaches.


Awesome that it works so well for you.
Sorry that I didn’t answer your question before you decided to buy it anyway.

PS: If the project works well for you. It would be awesome if you would rate it and/or leave a review on the Unity Asset Store :smile:

I’ll be sure to give it a review once I’ve had more time to work with it.