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How well does this work with grid-based games?

The demos for this tool look phenomenal, but they are all working with a sort-of “free movement” model.
I’m working on a game that is strictly grid-based. Characters can only move in four directions, and movement must be done exactly aligned with a “grid center.”
Honestly, I had a hard enough time getting some rudimentary 3D characters to move such that they only turn at exact points, and I’m concerned about how much effort it would take to get them to work properly with this path system.
By any chance are there already any integrated features to make characters align with a grid?
If so, what options do I have for the resolution of that grid?
If not, what kind of data can the path give to a character to use with my movement system?


You can use the AILerp movement script which is well suited for that. See Movement scripts - A* Pathfinding Project