How to use the a * plug-in, did not find the detailed steps

Hello, this question:
How to use the a * plug-in? I didn’t find the detailed steps,
Author boss, I want to know how to use the a * plug-in. I have purchased the professional version,
But I looked at the document, but I didn’t find the detailed steps of how to use it,
I want to operate step by step, and introduce the functions and usage of this plug-in. Is there any?
Or is there any specific operation method? I’d like to make a suggestion. I can’t turn on the D of the video. Because of the problem of network speed, I feel that the video is not as direct as text or GIF,
Thank you for watching

I just want to know how JPS and navmesh in the a * plug-in can be combined for pathfinding navigation,
Then how do multiple units control and operate them for navigation, but no relevant information is found


You can find the full documentation here: A* Pathfinding Project - A* Pathfinding Project

Thank you very much for your reply, but I can’t understand this document