How to use Grid Graph with moving play area?

I’m looking for suggestions on how best to handle the following scenario.

My game has a player going through a series of “Chambers”. When they complete one chamber a new one is added on to the existing chambers in a procedural way and the player is moved into the new chamber, enemies spawn and play continues.

My question is, how should I move and expand the grid graph (seen in Chamber A) to overlap all of Chamber B once the chamber has been placed and play begins?
My game is turn based and I rescan the graph regularly, so rescanning once the graph’s dimensions and position has been updated to cover the new chamber is no issue. I’m mainly interested in suggestions on how to handle moving/resetting the graph dimensions as a new chamber is added.
So far, every chamber has been it’s own scene with it’s own Pathfinder component and graph bounds set to overlap the entire chamber, but now that I’m trying to make each chamber appear in a single scene I’m unsure how to handle the Pathfinder’s Graph.
To be clear, I do not need the previous chamber included as the player/AI will only be acting in the newest/active chamber.

Any tips would be great!

I got it working by simply accessing the existing grid graph and setting it’s center to the new chamber’s center point and also making the grid graph large enough to encompass the dimensions of all the chambers. Then performing a new scan once the center has been moved.

This works, but just want to check in and see if there are any other suggestions that might work better. Let me know if there is another way I should be doing this but for now it works!