How to use GraphUpdateScene?

I’m not sure what to set in the scene so that my agents only follow the marked path that I set in GraphUpdateScene. Can you help me to solve this issue?

Attaching a screenshot of how I set it up.



Do you require your agents to only walk on that path. Or are they just encouraged to (but they can walk elsewhere too).

they can walk elsewhere too, but they should use a road. simply said, use a road when you can reach the destination, if not use the closest route. but priority is still the road when is close to the agent.


Having priorities can be tricky when using recast graphs. If possible, I would recommend using a grid graph if you want to have priorities. In that case, you can use a GraphUpdateScene component to add a special tag to those nodes. Then the agents could have a large penalty for moving across nodes which are not on the road.

hey, any news about this one?