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How to subtract used movement points from the total when moving from Start to end node

As the title suggests, I want to be able to subtract movement points used when moving from Node A to Node Z, taking into consideration the actual path that the AI had to take (including things like obstacles or penalties) and giving the player the option to keep moving with the remaining movement points left (Like in a turn based movement system, think Civilization, HoMM etc.)

The turn based example scene does not provide any examples of doing this (which would have been very useful as it is probably the only thing really missing from the example scene)

What I am trying to achieve: If the unit moves 3 steps diagonally, and would be able to move one more step diagonally or alternatively 2 steps straight in either direction, I want to be able to subtract the movement points used, and recalculate the remaining possible moves after the unit has reached its destination.


There’s nothing built-in for this. This will have to be handled in your game logic.