How to stop rotate towards while moving to path?

I’m making a top down shooting game. A teammate follow me and using RichAI.
I want teammate to move path alone and doesn’t need rotate towards path.
I have another script that will find enemy, rotate towards to enemy, and shooting.

  1. teammate walks follow the calculated path.
  2. rotate towards to enemy and shooting.

PS: Teammate object is Transform. no Character Controller, no Rigidbody.

How to disable rotate towards while moving to path?


Setting RichAI.rotationSpeed to 0 might work.

RichAI.rotationSpeed to 0 doesn’t work.


By default the RichAI script will slow down when it is not facing the direction in which it wants to move.
So in your case you will want to disable the ‘Slow When Not Facing Target’ option as well as setting the rotation speed to 0.