How to stop AIPath pathing?

For non-ECS projects, how do you stop an AIPath agent from pathfinding so that they no longer move and no longer continue to have a path calculated? Is there an API I should be calling on the Seeker instead to do this?

What I see happen is that after calling SetDestination on an AIPath, it will move towards the end location, reach it and stop moving, but in the debug log console it appears the path continues to be calculated. Unrelated, is there wa way to turn this logging off?


I’ve seen a fair number of questions asking this in different ways, but none of the answers there seems to work for the latest version. Setting isStopped to true doesn’t cause any errors, but also does not stop the path from being calculated in the background.

Unity Editor: 2022.3.22f1
AStarPathfindingProject: 5.0.6


Yes, you can set ai.canSearch = false, to prevent it from recalculating its path regularly.

As mentioned in the get started tutorial, you can also disable logging in the A* Inspector → Settings → Debug area.