How to set AIDestinationSetter target through code

Hi Everyone,

So i’m using the building AIPath to move to a target and it works just fine if i set the target manually through the Unity interface. However, i’m struggling with how to set the target via code.

What i have so far is when i click the left mouse button a function runs that sets the target for my Hero object. Using this target variable i can shoot at it. But i can’t figure out how to path to it also.

Any help is appreciated.


You can either set the destination property of the AIPath script (also exists on all other movement scripts):
If you do this however, make sure that you remove the AIDestinationSetter, otherwise that will override the destination every frame.

var ai = GetComponent<AIPath>();
ai.destination = new Vector3(1,2,3);

or you can set the target transform on the AIDestinationSetter component

var aiDestSetter = GetComponent<AIDestinationSetter>(); = someObject.transform;

Thank you for the reply, i was very close to that.

The issue i’m running to (now and before) is it is telling me that AIDestinationSetter could not be found. What is causing that?

Perhaps you are not including the Pathfinding namespace?
Make sure you have

using Pathfinding;

at the top of your script.

YES!!! That did it! i’m still a newbie so didn’t realize it needed to be added. Thanks!

Ok, now i’m getting a null reference error (which is ironic since the line giving the error is behind an IF statements checking make sure the value isn’t null). As best i can tell it is saying the variable aiDestSetter has no value.

Here is my code:

void Update () {
    if (target == null && Input.GetMouseButtonDown(0))

    //If target exists and is within range/LOS cast a fireball. Then reset cooldown.
    if (target != null && Input.GetMouseButtonDown(1))

    if (target != null)
        Debug.Log("Target is " +;
        var aiDestSetter = GetComponent<AIDestinationSetter>(); = target;
        Debug.Log("Target is " +;


Thank you again for your help, i really appreciate it.


Yes, I would guess that you do not have an AIDestinationSetter component attached to the object.