How to set a destination?


I’m working on a 2D top down shooter and after seeing this video ( I think this package is perfect for my needs. Unlike in the video, the latest version doesn’t allow me to assign a target transform in the inspector and according to the documentation I need to assign a destination vector3. I can’t seem to find a destination vector anywhere, where I can access/assign it? Also I want my AI enemies to follow the player character which is moving, so how do I set the destination to be always the current position of the player?

Thanks a lot!


Yeah, that’s the problem with videos. If something tiny changes, I have to redo the entire video :confused:.
The difference which was introduced in 4.1 (I think) is that the target is now not hardcoded as a Transform on the movement scripts, but instead it is set via a Vector3 property called destination. There is however also a helper script called AIDestinationSetter which does precisely one thing, takes a Transform and sets the destination on the agent. So I think you should use that :slight_smile: