How to not slow down when in turning nodes

Hi, so i am doing a pacman little project and i was trying to use the A* to do A Chase the player state to the Ghosts, but when there is a turning point the Ghost slow down for a bit and then he turns to change direction, i tried to disable the rotation but the slow down is still there, how can i have it to follow the trajectory with a constant speed?
i made a short video for it:

EDIT: ok it seems i kinda got around this by reducing the “pick next waypoint distance” from 1 to 0.5, even if i don’t really know why this solved it, but now by tinkering with the parameters more i noticed that doing so and increasing the max speed, (or just by increasing the max speed) there is this little “Wobbling/sliding” effect of acceleration and deceleration back and forth when going towards a turning point, you can see this behavior in the new video i did, from all the tests done by 0:33 second and on,

edit edit: i solved it by doing a Custom script for the seeker to use velocity instead of force for the rigidbody, but i was curious to know if there were a simpler way to solve it with the package components