How to make pathfinder seeker to return random path?

I have prefab with Seeker script attached to it. Whenever that prefab instantiated seeker.StartPath is called in its Start method. The problem is that each object gets the same path.

My question is does A* Pathfinding supports:

1 - making that each object would get random path from the possible pathes
2 - making Pathfinder to find not the shortest but any possible path

Can anyone help me please?


You are asking for something like
something which I have not implemented.

However, there is a simpler way. There is a modifier called AlternativePathModifier. Adding that component to a Seeker will cause it to add penalties to some nodes in the path which causes other units to avoid taking the same path. Try using it. Also, make sure you use very high penalties (in the range 1000-10000 or something like that), otherwise you will see no effect.