How to make my agents in the game make an "instant" turns around

Hello! Thanks for the quality asset!

I’ve been using it for a long time, but now I need help, or just a hint - I don’t understand how to make my agents in the game make an “instant” turn, and not move in an arc to turn around.


—> Gif here

What i need (The creature just immediately starts walking in the opposite direction):

Of course, before writing here, I tried to do it myself, but I did not succeed. I switched the turn settings and its speed, but nothing helped.

My agent settings here:

Graph settings:

I will be very grateful for help. :relaxed:


You can increase the max acceleration of the agent, but that will only work to an extent.

To have proper instant rotation, you’ll need to use the beta version and the movement script FollowerEntity. You can enable allowRotatingOnSpot and then set its on-spot rotation speed to infinity. However, currently this movement script does not work for grid graphs (this is planned for a future update).

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