How to make moving platforms with Multi Layer Grid - Vertically and Horizontally


Sorry for the noob question. I’m just starting pathfinding project with pro and found a video of an example of moving platforms with multi layer grid. I’m trying to do the same, vertically and horizontally, but don’t know for sure where I can start.

Thanks guys, sorry for the bad english.


Oh, you found that old video.
Well, that video used a lot of cheating.
On the graph I added links between the start point of the platform and the end point. I also added a trigger at the start and end point and used a script which told the AI to immediately stop when it reached the first trigger, then move the platform and finally enable the AI to move again when it reached the end.

But was there nav mesh on the platform? I’ve figured how to create the start and end point of the nodes but no clue how to make a moving object with NavMesh on it.

@coggycog, no there was no navmesh on the platform. it used an off mesh link.

The only way currently to have a navmesh on top of the platform as it is moving is to make continuous updates as it moves. You can do this relatively easily by attaching the DynamicGridObstacle component to the platform (see the example scene called Example2).