How to link multiple graphs


First, I want to say that this is a really useful tool!
For some reasons, I need several navmesh graphs for my pathfinding. The pathfinding is working fine for the first navmesh but when I try to go to the second one, the pathfinding stops on the first mesh edge.
I know I need to link the two somehow. I tried using the nodelink script, I added two gameobjects enclosed by my navmeshes and add a link between those, but it is still not working.

So my question is : how could I do that :slight_smile: ?


In almost all cases it is better to just use a single graph which is suited for that purpose.
Using multiple graphs is tricky because of edge conditions near the graph borders.
Why exactly do you need multiple graphs?

The situation is, I need a character to move along a humanoid 3D model that is animated. So what I wanted to do is, have one pathfinder with one navmesh graph per joint on my model and update the orientation of each based on my animation and then link the graphs together.

Errr… so you are doing pathfinding on an animated humanoid model??
That’s hard…

I think you would be better off trying to use a point graph that you update with regular intervals.

Thanks for the reply. In fact point graph was my first try and was working. But I wanted to try navmeshes to see if I could get a more natural feeling for the pathfinding. And also for some reasons, with the point graph, the AIPath sometimes took some weird shortcuts.
I think I will try a little bit more with point graph :slight_smile: