How to keep the ROV controllers from moving outside the navmesh?

I know the answer for this may come out to be “wait for next update”, but I would still like to ask if it is possible to do this in current version.

After taking some look at the document, I think RVONavmesh was going to do the trick, but it doesn’t look like it is enabled yet…

I have also looked at RichAI stuff which has some “wall” and “force” property but I could not get that to actually work well.
Only AIPath helper script seems to work as it should, but it doesn’t keep the agent from going outside navmesh. (this is also true even if I don’t use ROV and the next distance to the way point is large ( > 0.1 in my case … cause my world scale is small)

If RVONavmesh is only feasible way to go, can we find out when will all the obstacles will be enabled for ROV stuff?



Try the latest beta:
It has support for rvo obstacles which can be used for that. The walls are not a hard limit, but they will not penetrate them unless it gets really really crowded.
The RVONavmesh script should be used, that will create RVOObstacles automatically from the navmesh (only recast or navmesh graphs).